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Mood EnhancingNatural Mood Enhancers

We have the very best, most potent sports and fitness supplement formulas available in today’s market. Based on advanced state-of-the-art science and technology, our products give you great support in achieving your personal fitness goals. The unique combination of the ingredients in Body Effects allows them to “work“ in different areas at the same time.

  • Energy boosting
  • Appetite suppressing
  • Weight loss and fat burn
  • Mood enhancers

In our pre-workout supplements, you will find PEA and D-Glucuronolactone - both natural mood enhancers.

In the scope of nutrition, mood enhancing supplements can help regulate the processes of the biochemistry in your brain – to set it up for happiness, so to speak. Being in a good mood initiates having high energy levels.

When you are taking pre-workout supplements to lose weight, a common issue is crashing in the end, our products will help you feel better and avoid the crash. Your mood can be effectively balanced by natural mood enhancers (i.e. the most popular: Fish Oil, but there are plenty more effective ones).

Our supplements have among others highly effective ingredients with natural mood elevating qualities. The ingredient d-Glucuronolactone also has the added benefit of helping your reaction time, memory and concentration. In combination with the Phenethylamine (PEA), our supplements will energize you throughout your workout and your day. Mood enhancers by mother nature – all natural, with no side effects!