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Michelle F.Body Effects: Pomegranate Rasberry

Michelle F. - Before
Michelle F. - After

Beginning a such high weight, I did not have a lot of energy; I would wake up in the morning sluggish and slow to get moving…not to mention sore, aching and often in some kind of pain. I obviously have had to make a lot of changes along the way, but a key part has been adding Body Effects to my day – every day. From that first time I tried it, it really helped fuel me when I was on the treadmill – before I knew it I was upping the speed…and then, magically, I was running…I never thought that would be me, especially in the shape I was in. Then slowly, but surely, the pounds began to melt away, my mood improved, my appetite was smaller…all the things Body Effects promised were happening for me. I have tried several flavors and raspberry pomegranate is by far my favourite. Every so often to shake it up, I might order grape or green apple – they are both like sipping on a jolly rancher! I am forever thankful for Body Effects – it, along with other changes, have helped me shed over 150 lbs.