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Kristian N.Body Effects: Watermelon - Citrus Cherry – Mango Peach & Reset

Kristian N. - Before
Kristian N. - After

I did some sampling nights for Aussie Supps Bayside and came across this product BODY EFFECTS, it was all the rave – all the girls and guys loved it, so I tried a scoop and was hooked! The clean energy, loss of appetite, the mood enhancer all in one jar and all the servings shocked me! So, I purchased a tub and used it as a pre workout. Did my cardio and then weights with a diet – this product gave me amazing results! I also purchased a tub of reset because of being so happy with my first Power Performance Product – Loved that as well. Mango Peach flavour of Body Effects is a real treat too! Me and my girlfriend use these and love them, I hope everyone starts to get the body they deserve like I did & buy a tub. Thanks Power Performance Products!