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Andy G.Body Effects: Watermelon

Andy G. - Before
Andy G. - After

I had a daughter at the age of 19, so I had to work hard & rarely had time for much. After awhile, I began getting into the habit of eating fast food. After a few years, I was overweight and not in the healthiest lifestyle. After realizing what I can lose missing in my future. I changed my job to have time to fit in a healthy lifestyle. I tried different kinds of supplements, but none would do the job as I expected.

I saw Body Effects at a Max Muscle Shelf, after getting a sample and trying it, I loved the boost I got along with the taste. I decide to try it, after a few weeks on the product I began to see results: I was amazed at what I could accomplish along side of Body Effects: It got me to places I only dreamed of. I am now in the healthy lifestyle and look forward to everyday of life, except for when my daughter begins dating, but that’s a different story.