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POWER TO THE MAXThe Power Performance Story

Power Performance Products was created to bring you the very best, most potent sports and fitness supplement formulas available today based on advanced state-of-the-art science and technology. Every Power Performance product we make is promised to deliver maximum off-the-chart results to help power you straight through to your personal fitness goals.

All Power Performance products go miles beyond the level of other competing brands in bringing you maximum results: all in effective top-quality formulas at prices that will keep more money in your wallet. Think of our products as the highest
octane fuel you can put in your body’s engine. You are guaranteed to blast past the finish line, achieve true fitness success and be your personal best!

Our NEW stellar product is RESET, the first-ever revolutionary HIGH-ENERGY pre-workout formula that naturally increases your HGH levels while combatting the damaging physical effects of stress and aging. The Power Performance Products lineup also features BODY EFFECTS, the ultimate advanced fatburning weight loss formula that delivers a super-blast of non-jittery energy while suppressing appetite and elevating your mood.

Power Performance Products is not stopping there: our expert Research and Development Team is hard at work in the lab right now on the next generation of first-ever formulas that promise to set the sports nutrition world on fire!